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Innovating and advancing QR code technology for Web 3, Web 2, and offline business solutions.

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Project Overview

QRdano’s main objective is the development and implementation of advanced QR code technology. Having our roots in Web 3, we are exploring the plethora of use-cases for advanced QR code technology within the world of blockchain technology.

Our developers have created methods of integrating images within functional QR codes. A basic version of this QR code generator is FREE to use for our community members – ENJOY!

QRdano is exploring this untapped market within Web 3, making partnerships within the space. Contact the team if your project might benefit from the use of picture QR codes.

QRdano is exploring the unexplored, searching the unsearched.
And together, we will #SeeTheUnseen



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Stage 5 & Beyond


While most of the QRdano team are revealed (we feel that the term “doxxed” is too negative), we respect the privacy of our team members.

Dion (AKA HoopToIt)

Founder; Project Manager; Story Developer; Marketing; Collaboration Manager

I have been an active degen in the Cardano NFT space since April 2021. Although my IRL profession is in mental healthcare, one of my passions is creative writing. I came up with the idea for QRdano in November 2021, and have been working on it ever since – I’m so excited to show it to all of you!

Simon (AKA SlaveToTheScreen)

Co-Founder; Web Design and Development

I’m a web designer/developer living in Australia (but originally from the UK). In the past I’ve worked with some brands like Audi and Xbox, but now am freelancing in a few areas, including crypto. I also tinker a bit with NFT minting and art/metadata assembly.

I’ve been friends with Dion since before we discovered Cardano, and have been helping bring his QRdano concept to life.


Back-End Developer; Development Engineer; QR Code Generator

I’m a lifelong curious tinkerer that likes to build things in software. Having spent more than 20 years playing with, building and breaking software, I like to believe I’m pretty good at it by now! I’m quite new to crypto and NFTs, but very excited to be involved in this space!

Vladimir (AKA $VladeZmaj)

Community Manager

Hey there! My name is Vladimir. I come from Skopje, Macedonia. I’m 27 and currently work as a Scrum Master for a data operations team. I started this fantastic CNFT journey at the start of 2022 and haven’t looked back since! I have been a mod on several CNFT projects, and I am beyond excited to see all of you in the chat!

Ero (AKA Ero_Art_72)


I am a Maori man from New Zealand, currently living in Melbourne Australia. For the last 12 years, I have been a full-time mural artist and printmaker, painting large scale murals for community groups and councils. I also live on a yacht and working towards a sustainable lifestyle sailing around Australia while making art.

Brian (AKA thebdizzle)


Hi! I began my crypto life in early 2020, getting hooked flipping some DOGE coin. I traded for roughly a year and a half, until I got into NFTs. November 2021 was my introduction to Cardano NFTs, thus beginning my life as a degen! I am an active member in a number of Cardano NFT communities, including moderating for the project “Apex Kingdom”.

Joe (AKA theaudiodidact)


I have been a member of the Cardano community since April 2021, and a member of the Cardano NFT community since September 2021. I am a lifelong gamer with an unstoppable desire to one day design my own. I am passionate about truth, decentralization, and the healing and restorative power of cannabis. I am often regarded as a bit of an oddball: keeping odd hours, and preferring to save my words for when I have something important to say. Please don’t mistake this for unfriendliness, as this couldn’t be further from the truth!


QRdano has two separate foci:

  • Hosting an interactive storyline that uses puzzles and problem solving skills.
  • Development and implementation of new QR code technology within Web 3.

We plan to revolutionize how a story can not only be told, but engaged with through the use of NFTs, QR codes, and novel interactive ideas. Additionally, we have created new QR code technology that will spearhead innovation in the Web 3 space. Whether you are here for the tech, or for the story world we are creating, QRdano has a lot to offer!

This technology has a plethora of applications. There are so many use-cases that can come from integrating QR codes into Web 3 and beyond.

Our devs have created a QR code generator that turns any image into a functional QR code. We are exploring a wide variety of applications for this technology, which will become the main “business” side of QRdano.

Please contact our project leader, Dion (HoopToIt), or the project’s Twitter account to discuss the plans further.

PLEASE STAY SAFE WHEN USING QR CODES – Be sure to check where a QR code will link, and do not link your wallet to any website you do not trust. We will endeavour to always put a corresponding link in text below our QR codes for verification.

Three NFT collections will be related to our storyline:

Two Utility NFT series will be airdropped for FREE (“Pieces of the Puzzle” – 9 NFTs; & “See The Unseen” – 144 NFTs), and our main storyline collection (with a mint size of 2584). Owning our main collection will give you access to a unique website within our ecosystem in which you will interact with our storyline.

We have plans of utilizing the “QR My Pic” technology for future NFT mints that will not be related to our storyline. At the time of writing, nothing has been finalized, so watch this space!

The NFT designs will relate specifically to the storyline, so we don’t want to spoil anything. We are moving away from the typical “life form” PFP project, focusing on landscape designs with QR codes embedded within. You can see our sneak peeks on our socials.

Our primary storyline mint will drop on 26th Oct 2023 via our partners DropSpot. Full details can be found on Discord.

We don’t want to spoil the mystery…

The details of the storyline will unfold over time, and will be well underway before our main mint. There will be ongoing puzzles and code-breaking activities that will unravel aspects of the storyline. As community members and NFT holders, you will get certain information and clues based on specific qualities/metadata of your NFT.

Additionally, a collaborative approach will be necessary for different aspects of the storyline. So, making connections within the community will be in everyone’s best interest!

On top of access to individual websites, being a part of a developing storyline, and access to new QR code technology, we will have a community wallet.
35% of the MINTING FEES, as well as 50% of the ongoing ROYALTIES will go into a community wallet.
Our community wallet is designed to incentivize participation in the storyline activities and ecosystem we are creating. Activities within our ecosystem will also earn XP, which will play a range of roles within the ecosystem we are developing.

Most of our team have revealed some aspects of their identity. Our two founders are doxxed via the BearMarket service provided by Ted Nation (you can check out our certificate at the bottom of this page).

Our QR Paper will be released soon. Otherwise, please feel free to contact the QRdano team on Twitter or Discord.

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